Every October is a Scouting month. This is the activity where the pupils look forward. This is done in all schools especially in the District of Orion. The activities are synchronized in all schools. The pupils, teachers, school heads and community helps for the success of each activity.


How does Boy Scouting helps in the character development of pupils?


Boy Scouting is a program for boys 10 to 17 years of age who join scout troop sponsored by elementary schools, civic, fraternal, service and religious organizations. It is service and outdoor-centered. The concepts of character development, citizenship training and skills for self reliance are directed towards service to others.


As Scout Oath is clearly explained and role modeled to pupils by the leaders around him, they will improve their character gradually. If pupils will religiously follow the  Scout Law they will be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty and brave. The Scout Oath must be fully explained and made clear to the boys by practical and simple illustrations of its application in their everyday life. There is no teaching to compare with example. If the Troop leader himself conspicuously carries out the Scout Oath and Law in all his doings, the boys will be quick to follow his lead.


A scout is being prepared and trained for responsible citizenship. As he acquires the necessary knowledge and skills in Scouting, his mind is conditioned and he is able to offer these same knowledge and skills not only for himself but in the service of others.


Spiritual training of Scouts can happen informally during scouts training of scouts’ outdoor experiences and his contact with nature introduces and makes him aware of a spiritual force above man. It can happen formally through the encouragement of their leaders to attend to their religious duties and obligations. Stress Duty to God at all times.

By: Rosario G. Redulla, Principal Sabatan Elementary School

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