The Bataan School of Fisheries (BSF), situated in Daan Bago, Orion, Bataan became one of the pilot schools to hold classes for the senior high school of the K+12 program of the Department of Education (DepEd) this school year 2012 -2013, in Grades 11-12 as mandated by the DepEd Secretary, Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC.

Twenty (20) high schools in the country have been pre – identified to hold pilot the K+12 program of the DepEd this S.Y. 2012 -2013 in grades 11- 12 and fortunately, BSF is one of the three (3) Technical –Vocational Schools in Region III which was chosen in the modeling for senior high school this school year. In supporting the said program of the DepEd, Bataan Schools Division Superintendent Romeo M. Alip, Ph.D, CESO V noted that in offering technical – vocational courses, BSF is much qualified to be a pilot school. The institution has considered due to the following reasons: (1) it is well equipped with resources, facilities such as available functional workshop laboratories; (2) competent teachers who are very much willing to share their expertise and bearers of the National certificates since they had trainings for tech-voc courses as well as having been licensed assessors of TESDA. (3) It offers post secondary education; (4) it has a strong school – local industry partnership; its graduates were prioritize by the neighboring/local industries for employment; (5) it has established linkages with higher education institution particularly the Bataan Peninsula State University of Balanga, Bataan for possible recognition of subject units taken in senior high school diploma course. In line with the skills and learning gained during senior high school, students may decide to take up the bachelor’s degree of the same course they were trained in the two years in senior high school will also be accredited.

Mr. Gerardo C. Batalla, Vocational School Administrator II of BSF being the front line on the modeling of k+12 programs were given the tasks on the supervision of senior high school. The school has offered three senior high school diploma course programs such as Garment’s Technology, Food Technology and Fishery Technology with three (3) major specializations namely: aquaculture; fish processing; and fishing technology this school year. Meanwhile, seventy – eight (78) model students were currently enrolled in various fields under this K + 12program.

Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC quoted that, “The experiences of pilot schools will help the DepEd to finalize its curriculum for senior high school.” Thus, making the project a successful one, a reality for the public to see and appreciate its benefits. Consequently, as the K+12 program continues to pursue, senior high school will be mandatorily implemented by school year 2016-2017.Whereas, in the S.Y. 2012-2013 only kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 7 will be implemented. For this scenario, the Philippines like other neighboring countries will have education for the primary and secondary level to take for 12 years instead of 10 years, which has done previously. Ten years of basic education as described to be congested, creating backlog for students and making them difficult to digest lessons in just a short time compared to those countries having it for twelve years. Hence, DepEd is now looking forward for the its advantages, creating a better and quality education for Filipinos as it will produce globally competitive graduates as products of the program.

By: Mr. Joel A. Cayabyab | Instructor I | Bataan School of Fisheries

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