Being a citizen of this nation, we are not blind not to see the crisis that we are suffering. The poverty that almost killed the people, the relationship between slaves and their masters, the walls that divide the rich and the poor, the crimes, law violations and other unethical deeds of man.

It is sad to know that despite of different administrations that governed our country, Philippines was considered as one of the poorest countries in the world. Maybe, that’s the reason why so many people keep on believing that quality education is the only solution to uplift our nation from the threat of poverty.

Education makes man human. Man is just a creation but human is a man with dignity, knowledge and love for every single thing around him.

Education can uplift our country from poverty because an educated person will not become a burden to the society but instead he can work not just for himself but also for his country. The case of slavery can also be solved when all people are being educated enough to fight for their rights. It can also break the wall that separates the rich and the poor and can serve as the bridge between them because in education our status in life doesn’t matter. With the help of education, the poor may become rich and the rich can maintain being rich. And most of all, education could be a solution for the crimes and law violations that are happening in almost every part of our country. Ignorance of the law and ignorance of the fact are the reasons for the crimes and law violations of man. Many people are ignorant of the laws. They violate laws because they do not know that there’s a law that exist which is against to what they are doing and while others are ignorant of the fact in a way that they know that there’s a law but the problem is that they never know that they are violating it. And when people are educated enough, those crimes and law violations will be lessened because they already know and understand the law and with that they could follow.

Education really plays a vital role in nation building for it provides a better understanding that can help eliminate poverty, slavery, and even crimes. If every citizen of our country would be given a chance to have quality education who knows, our nation might be the best nation among nations.

By: Ms. Myra M. Enriquez | Teacher III | Samal South Elementary School, Samal, Bataan

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