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          To earn fund to be able to provide the needs of the school is one of the basic problems faced by any administrator or teacher in the field. We need to promote the school and to deliver quality education  as well. The school aims to produce productive , competitive individuals who will play important roles in the future. But all these things will be very difficult for us to realize if we don’t have the resources to do so. We need fund every time we join competitions,  to be able to have our own publication, to keep the school safe for our learners to stay, to make every corner of the school a conducive place for learning. Because of these needs,  we came up to a plan to make  something  fruitful out of the things we have in the school itself .

          With the support of the GPTCA Officers especially Mr. Romeo Vitangcol , PTA President of Pre-Elem , and Vice President of the GPTCA , we have decided to maximize the vacant areas of the school.  We asked the pupils to bring seeds as their contribution to the project. We also requested  for the support of the Sangguniang Kabataan headed by SK Chairman Marvin Usi . We were so fortunate to be able to come up with what we expected to have. Now, we have our own productive “ Gulayan sa Paaralan”. It is productive in the real sense of the word because it turned out to be not just a project to beautify the area but it also served as a fund raising project to support the needs of the school. We can create our own dishes with those that we have in the garden . We also had the chance to sell baskets of petchay , sitaw ,radish , kangkong , and even upo  and corn among  others to finance the pupils who will join competitions both in academics and sports,  in the district, division and regional  level. Food for lunch is just a stone’s throw away from us.
          To all the readers out there , we are inviting you to visit our very own Gulayan sa Paaralan and see for yourself how exciting it is to be surrounded by  fresh vegetables. By patronizing our products , you are also helping the school.


By: Mrs. Ma. Concepcion M. Reyes Teacher III Calungusan Elem. School

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