Image    Calungusan Elementary School is so fortunate these school years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 as it passed through the administration of the first two succeeding head teachers and continues to undergo the leadership of the third head teacher with almost the same great value towards education. Although they differ a lot at each other, definitely they have contributed an immeasurable touch of treasure in the school and its community.

    At the start of SY 2007-2008 until the first five days of December 2007, it was headed by Carmelita F. Llamzon, the pride of San Vicente, Orion. She’s known to be a good leader in a sense that she can be the right person to defend anybody and that she is able to face anyone and fight for what teachers really needed. She was also proven to be of generous character especially towards indigent children; a legacy reminding of her as a head teacher.

    On Dec. 5, 2007, Mrs. Llamzon was transferred at Camachile Elementary School as Elementary School Head Teacher III vacating the same position in Calungusan Elementary School. She was then replaced by Mrs. Ilynne S.J. Samonte, who was a former teacher in Capunitan Elementary. When Mrs. Samonte was promoted as ESHT she was assigned at one school in Dinalupihan District. But because of a long-travel difficulty everyday she had requested top be brought back Orion taking place of Mrs. Llamzon.

    During these times Mrs. Samonte exhibited and distinctive competence towards work. She also showed an endearing attitude towards the teachers for the reason that she was once like them. She was many plans and bright ideas not just for the school but to the entire district as well but she was promoted again to a higher position in which her next destination is Limay District. It came to materialize on a April 25, 2008 paving the way for another head for Calungusan Elementary School.

    At this time, another smart and potential head teacher is about to show promising skills for the school this coming school year 2009-2009 in the name of Mrs. Pauline Roxas. She is an Ilocana pride from Vigan, Ilocos Norte settling with her family in Pilar, Bataan where she had served before as an educator.

    Thank you very much Ma’am Carmelita F. Llamzon and Ma’am Llyne S.J. Samonte. To Ma’am Pauline, we continue on looking forward for a better and improving Calungusan Elementary School.


By: Mrs. Edilina P. Enriquez

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