“ A journalism is a censurer, a giver of advice and light of sovereign”.

Each journalist finds the importance of truth, courage, heart and faith in facing and conquering the problems of our country. While the country bunch of problems brought about by the sizzling issues on rampant killings, corruptions, kidnappings, destabilization attempts, political assassinations, the journalists cry for justice and newspapers and televisions denounced killings of media practitioners.

The worse scenario is the deprivation of justice to the victims.

The Department of Education has been encouraging the teachers and their pupils to spare their time in discussing the importance of campus journalism despite the threat to the lives of mediamen.

It must be remembered that freedom of the press is embodied in our Constitution. As such, journalism has to be taught to the students and the pupils.

As a matter of fact, press conference is a yearly activity of the various school divisions in the country. District competitions in journalism up to the national level are held in order to discover the potentials of the students in the different categories of journalism.

Indeed, campus journalism is very necessary in the school curriculum.

By: Ms. Armida H. Herrera | TII-Pablo Roman National High School | Orion, Bataan

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