We are well exposed of our unclean and unsanitary environment. We undeniably see it in uncollected garbage. We smell it in the suffocating fumes and acrid smog from heavy traffics and factories that plague some cities. Hence, our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans are getting more and more toxic everyday. They are rapidly becoming incapable of supporting marine life because they are polluted and starred of oxygen.

But, can you avoid pollution? The answer is a big NO! but we can lessen it. The only thing we have to do is to dispose of wastes properly, a very simple task that does not require spending of money to be able to do it. Separate the biogradable materials to non biogradable materials. Make less and less use of plastic bags. Such practices are considered to be the most practical, convenient, easy and frugal way to manage our wastes. Let us begin at home, in the school, hospitals, hotels, all restaurants, anywhere. Let us all get involve—now, before it is too late.

By: Teodora M. Miranda | Teacher | Mabatang Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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