Most teachers suffer from different ailments because of the demands in their profession. Long and irregular hours of work triggers these ailments. Many people will say “Why irregular if it only takes the official 8 hours to teach in the classroom? “. They are not aware of the preparation , mountains of paper works, programs to prepare, special kids to consider, test papers to check , records to solve, and a lot more . Reasons why before teachers get to reach their retirement age , they can no longer enjoy the joys entailed by being a retired educator. What’s left for their remaining years is nothing more but nerve problems, specifically , Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  (CTS) . It is the effect of the pressure on the median nerve , one of the main nerves of the hand. Tingling , numbness , weakness and pain in the fingers or hand are manifestations of this ailment. Some people experience arm pain , usually between the hand and the elbow. Thumb , index finger , and half of the ring fingers are the ones affected the most . It is said that if you have problems with these fingers but your little finger is ok, then you’re positive with CTS.  Studies show that it was caused by  several factors including hypothyroidism , pregnancy , obesity , and to top it all ,  repetition of the same  hand  movements continuously- more so when our hands are lower than our wrists. Fortunately , hope is not lost because nerve – related problems can be treated  . Most physicians can recommend surgical and non- surgical remedies for the said condition. Avoid activities that might trigger numbness and pain . Try to rest wrist as much as possible. But , is it possible for someone who is active in the profession ?  I doubt.  Doctors also recommend taking Vitamin B complex ( Supraneuron) everyday  for it assists in repairing and rebuilding the protective structures that guard the nerves.                            

   Though , we are preoccupied with tons of things to do as teachers , we should be very extra careful to our health . So, after serving these little angels in the school , we still have a lot to offer to our respective families when we need to say goodbye to the world of teaching .

By: Mrs. Rosario T. Rodrigo | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School | Limay, Bataan

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