We always say that learning is a lifelong process. Practically, it starts at home and continues to take place as the individual interacts in the school.

As Martin Luther, a protestant religious reformer, implied in his teachings that the family and school along with the church are leaders or reformation.

But if we’ve been reading from news from newspaper or chatted with the people in the community, we rightfully say that our community aside from the schools challenge the development of our students. Our students read news about or government leaders receiving unexplainable donations or the military leaders who are said to be the nation’s guardian of peace were the ones who bring troubles. Students also watch sexy and violent shows on primetimes. They see billboards of men and women in underwear showing almost every bit of their skin. These are just a few of the many challenge our students encounter in the big learning communities.

Unfortunately, many of our students cannot differentiate what is good from bad; what is right from wrong; what is pleasure from happiness; what is negotiable from what is non-negotiable.

In this large picture, the need for character formation should be the first and foremost consideration of the school. It may be considerably difficult but parents and teachers should work together for their hands are the power to form the character of the nation.

By: Mrs. Fe R. Romero | TII-Pablo Roman National High School | Pilar, Bataan

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