After so many years since Values Education became an integral part of the educational system, what is the situation of our society today? Do our pupils still value integrity, kindness and honesty?With the situation of our society today, the need for Character Formation is more urgent than ever because we need to restore the order of values in our society.Character Formation is the art of molding a young individual  into a person who is fully human, fully alive. It  means forming a person not just in mind and body , but in heart and spirit as well.

How can we achieve this?  Here are simple paths for us to follow:

1. Duty must come before pleasure.

2. Develop the will over the senses.

3. Experience a freedom of spirit that comes from within.

4. Create opportunities for interaction.

5. Follow a well-established rules. Be consistent.

By: Catherine E. Nangitngitan | Teacher II | Luz Elem. School Limay Bataan

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