School children are the center of all the activities in school. If you will analyze it, schools will not be able to serve its purpose if there are no children around.

The main concern of DepEd authorities is revolving around the development of every individual pupil entrusted to schools by their parents. The content of the department’s vision and mission can be rooted to its aim of moulding today’s youth to become better individuals equipped with knowledge that will be a tool for nation building and will be a real help for global competitiveness.

Performing their everyday functions, classroom teachers are the direct persons who deal with school children. All informations each child learn each day is handed to them by their teachers. The success of the teaching-learning process happens only through the combined efforts of the teachers’ efficiency and the students’ enthusiasm

But how will learning take place if the child is afraid of coming to school? In many cases, (as we see from tv news) pupils tend to quit schooling because of their complaint about the teachers. Some of them were allegedly hurting their pupils. Then the teacher who was reported to have committed such act would reason out that the misbehavior and lack of respect of the pupils were the main cause why he/she loose temper.

Some parents would even question the school authorities about the policy of being a child-friendly school. It is true that all schools must be child-friendly. And the school teachers are being reminded about that — always.

Teachers are also humans. They have feelings and emotions. They have problems of their own. They feel pressure. They experience stress in many different situations. They are patient? Yes, they are patient. They are also kind, generous, compassionate, loving, caring and understanding.

What about the children? Are they all obedient? Do they respect their teachers and the elders? Do they refrain from bullying their classmates even at the presence of their teachers? If the answer is yes to all school children, then probably…. no more teachers will be included in the front page of a newspaper. No more administrative cases will be filed against teachers. No more teachers will be placed in a hot seat — just because of a single disrespectful pupil who triggered the temper of the poor teacher.

By: Ms. Jennifer F. Mendiola | Teacher III | Kaparangan Elementary School, Orani, Bataan

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