According to William Kelly, (1965) “ A learner is an embodied spirit”.  He is a union of a body and a rational soul.  His body experiences sensations and feels pleasure and pain.  His soul is the principle of spiritual acts, the source of intellectual abstraction, self-refection ,and free rational volition.  Body and soul exist in mutual dependence.”  As teachers we must  be sensitive to the feelings. emotions, and behavior of our pupils.  By a pupil’s emotions and feelings, he/she experiences the pleasantness or unpleasantness, the satisfaction or unsatisfaction, the pain and the joy of an object or an activity.  His/her will  serves as guiding force and the main integrating force in the learner’s character.  Teachers must be aware of the different behaviors, feelings and emotions displayed by a learner.  Is the pupil restless and fidgety?  Distractive and inattentive?  Always up and on the go ?Is he/she prone to acting before thinking ? Most likely not to finish his work? Easily get frustrated? Is he/ she i unable to work independently? Disorganized? And poor at listening?

Teachers and parents must be the prime factors in making the pupils learn; since they learn by being exposed to the situation, by acquainting her/himself with a setting, by following models, pursuing inspirations, copying behavior.  The critical role as models  outside and inside  the classroom or  at home  parents and teachers cannot over emphasized.

At home, and in the classroom, there must be a non-threatening atmosphere.  By areas not only functions of the physical condition of the classroom and home, but more of the functions of the psychological climate.

When we make our pupils/students feel they belong to a community of learners with a shared goal or purpose, we make them feel at ease and at home.

“Building comfort into learning is essential if we expect students to respond positively and constructively to their education”, says Harvey F. Silver (2000)

By: Mrs. Chona G. Dela Rosa | Teacher I Kabukiran Elementary School Abucay District

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