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We would like to acknowledge the people behind the success of this gathering.

Dennis Espiritu
Marina Borja
Rosemarie Llada
Josefina Baluyot
Esperanza Angeles
Jesselton Manaid
Rodelio Quicho
Allan Quevedo
Ronaldo Macalinao
Ronnie Medina
Reynaldo Garcia
William Morales

Secondly, we would like to include the project by BSF Batch 83 the scholarship program in high school or/and technical (post graduate) in a government school at Orion,Bataan. This is still a project plan.  The committee will discuss the process and then inform the school guidance coordinator.

Thirdly, we would like to thank the presence of the following guests and former teachers:

BSF school administrator: Mr. Gerardo C. Batalla
Mr. Antonio Castro
Mrs. Magdalena M. Batalla
Mrs. Maria N. Castro
Mrs. Delia A. Isidro
Mr.  Enrico L. Isisdro
Mrs. Carmen L. Waje
Mrs. Shirley A. Labrador
Mrs. Nerissa Quicho Acuna

By: ALLAN P. QUEVEDO, SAP SCM-PSS / PP / PM Specialist IT Center Asia – Business Systems

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