Educator must have sound character , a wholesome personality and enjoys good work. He / she must maintain organized classroom management. Routine activities are to be established effective arrangement       and stimulating environment should provided for the pupils which facilitate learning and teaching process.

Classroom discipline is not inflicting pain in order that pupils to follow. Teachers are to set guidelines, rules and standards as to the concepts and instructional settings free from distractions and interruptions

Here are some tips on classroom management that you can use.

1. As a teacher you should remember that you are the boss. The thought that you are the leader in the classroom must be at the forefront of your mind.

2. Have definite rules on noise . Teacher should set a definite rules inside the classroom.

3. Control entry to the classroom.   

  The ideal people to establish control over your pupils is outside the door before  you even let them in school.

By: MS. SHIRLEY M. CUEVAS | Master Teacher I- Luz Elem. School

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