Teachers always think of the most effective ways to present lessons to their class. This is indeed to commendable trait. Some tend to concentrate much of their time on techniques in tackling subject matters and imparting knowledge to the students. There is, however, a crucial factor for effective instruction that most educators fail to recognize. This factor is “classroom management.”

Most classrooms are “non-managed “and as in most non-managed enterprises, they can become chaotic. It is, therefore, advised that a classroom be run in such a way that chaos is anticipated and prevented before they actually occur. Such is the importance of classroom management.

A well-managed classroom promotes several characteristics. First, it encourages deep involvement with academic work among students. It also results to students being aware of what is expected of them, thus, preventing frustrations among the members of the class. Moreover, there is relatively little wasted time, confusion and disruption in a well-managed classroom.

Classroom management on the other hand, is about procedures. These promote a do-a step to be learned and concerns how things are done

Remember classroom procedures state what you expect of students for them to take part effectively in class activities.

By: Mrs. Marites M. Cabarles | TII-Pablo Roman National High School | Orion, Bataan

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