Teaching is more a calling than a job, needing as much talent and skills in the classroom management. Children’s discipline is a big factor in the teachers’ management of all aspects inside or even outside the classroom.

The reminders below will be a great help to teachers as suggested by Karen Katafiasz in her booklet Teacher Therapy:

1.    First and foremost take care of yourself spiritually. Center yourself in God; be aware of God’s presence in your classroom. Teaching is demanding- have a healthy lunch, make time for exercise & get enough rest.

2.    You have a great deal of power in the classroom-power to set the tone, power to make a child’s time there miserable or joyful. Use your power for good.

3.    Teach your students that it’s all right to make mistakes. Mistakes aren’t reasons for shame but chances to learn & do better.

4.    There will be times when you won’t easily relate to a student. Be aware of your feelings & preferences, & try to transcend them by striving to give every child equal attention & equal treatment.

5.    There can be so much tugging at your students’ minds and hearts-troubled family situations, changing friendships, uncertainties doubts & fears. Be aware of them as whole persons.

6.    Realize that for some students, school is a respite, a place of safety. Keep it a safe placefor them to revel themselves & to be themselves.

7.    Help your students to discover their strengths, to achieve, to excel. Satisfaction at what they accomplish will give them self-esteem.
Teachers have the ability to touch lives in countless, wonderful ways. Give thanks that you are a teacher.

By: Ms. Rosario B. Llanda T-I | DEPED Samal Bataan

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