What is communication gap? Let us first define “communication”. This word means the way of conveying ideas, opinions & news to other people. While the word “gap” means a space, a “dead air” or not consistent to what is happening.

Communication is very way important to all human beings. Be it between husband & wife, between friends, business partners or whatever situation wherein 2 or more people are involved. Communication gap happens when a relationship is taken for granted in the mentioned relationships.

This happens when some people are with other people & they don’t give importance to interacting with them. Most probably something is wrong between the two parties involved, so communicating with each other is not being done, especially now that there are so many modern gadget & technology that can be used in transmitting any form of ideas, opinions & news.

One should analyze why a gap between the two persons is happening. First of all, there’s no problem or it will not make you less of a person when you communicated again with a friend who became an enemy regardless of who communicated first. Forget your pride if you are shame and you have a grudge with others & you want to talk with him or her. If you have committed an error, admit it.

Forget being hard-headed, don’t let a gap happen between you & your friend. Remember, “ true friends are like diamonds”. Forget your pride, talk to him. Fill in the gap with bubbling air & not of “dead air”.

By: Marifer T. Visda

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