Competition in whatever forms of discipline brings out the best in an individual : a runner who sprints first to the finish line, a basketball player who scores a basket or a singing contestant who elicits text votes after a powerful performance.Such feats stimulates the body, mind,and heart to beat the odds.As always the case ,winners leap in elation while losers bow in silent recognition.

Competition is a driving force in itself, don’t give up until you win.Know your strenghts and weaknesses by competing,realizing that you have done your best when you win and the need to improve when you lose.

Competition is not limited to winning the titles.It develops confidence and shapes character.Compete for pleasure than pressure.We need to learn to accept defeat and know how to deal with victory .While winning is a skill,losing is an art.

Competing is gaining and winning friends and enjoying the company of others!

By: Ms. Rowena B.Marcelo | Master Teacher I | Capitangan Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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