Often we hear students complain that although they understand a reading passage, they cannot answer the comprehension question correctly, because they do not know the right words, for they simply make a mistake in writing. As teachers, we may have comprehension in mind but we are testing it by means of production – usually through writing. It is important to remember what is meant by comprehension: The process by which a person understands the meaning a piece of language. Wherever answering comprehension questions require production and entrails different strategies. The use of pictures for checking comprehension. In my personal expressing, drawing on using pictures avoids all kinds of problems which cannot arise seem to be more highly motivating than the traditional techniques for measuring comprehension.

 The Monster, the student drama “monster” avoiding to the physical description given in the reading text. The students should be as imaginative as possible but stay within the description of the text. The core of the vocabulary will be part of the body and adjectives of size and shape. The structure “have”/”has” location words (right, left ,top etc.)

Once their drawings are finished, a few minutes should be devoted to classroom presentation satisfaction and fun result. Students enjoy looking at their classmates have done.

The Room,Another passage maybe given to the students where description of the room is given. The vocabulary of furniture is essential as well as prepositions. The structure there is/ are will be widely used, too.

Again, all the drawings should include the same pieces of furniture but they will have a slightly different looks; depending on their drawing with the whole class before evaluation.

Buildings, this final text is quite similar to the one above. The students will be given a paragraph which locate a good number of buildings on any main street of a town or city consequently, the vocabulary has to include all the “facilities” a person may we in daily life: a post office, a church, a band, a supermarket, a public library, a school a theater etc.

It is obvious that preposition will also necessary.

By: Ms. Nina S. Manuel | Teacher II | Pagalanggang National High School, Dinalupihan, Bataan

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