“ Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether narcotic, be alcohol or morphine or idealism,” as Carl Jung puts it.

Drugs , alcohol, tobacco, sex, pornography, gambling and now the latest…the Internet addiction…particularly the computer games ,played by young children & adults alike.

So many say that computer games addiction doesn’t exist, but it does. But let us see some actual situations, Mark on his junior year in the high school spends at least five to seven hours to play one or the other of the many interactive, fantasy, role playing, strategic combat-artillery games. Some instances he would stay up until 3.00-4.00 in the morning. Almost always he would missed his morning classes or if ever he was able to attend his classes, he’ll just sleep in his chair & pretend listening to his teacher by wearing dark glasses.

Mark’s computer game addiction brought him another problem. Finances! some of the games are not free! And at one time Mark had not one, not two, but three character accounts with one interactive game. As usual, mother will pay for it.

Players will enjoy with every level of the game completed, however, the instructions at the beginning of the game didn’t indicate how many levels there were. Of course, after completing each level, he would move on the next one. The players will not stop & hardly resist to be lured to the desire of completing the level, even using the vacant time or break time, to complete level after level. One cannot grasp appropriate words in obtaining victory in the final level, its truly ecstatic. Hey, that’s not all, if ever one attained success, there’s a feeling of dissatisfaction of his/her scores. There’s an urgent feeling of going back to that game & replay some levels for a better performance.

But what makes computer games addicting? Maybe we really love fun & competition. These are the factors that drive us to reach a goal in a game, defeat an opponent or achieve victory. Based on these observations, here are some tips to conquer computer games addiction:

Time management- remember the quote of Lavater “the great rule of moral conduct is next to God, to respect time”. Focus on significant things in using your time. Another nugget of wisdom is from Walters which says “when you do not use time to the best possible advantage to yourself, to society, to God you are wasting yourself.”

Self-Discipline- Discipline yourselves so that others will not have to. If is done fairly and consistently, discipline breeds pride & respect. We must learn to have self-discipline and focus more on the goodness & service to others.

Self-Control- before you sit down to play, set for yourself a limit of time or the amount of game levels that you will play. If you feel going to another level stop, stand or walk away from the computer. Or better yet, leave the computer room.

Look for another wholesome

e & beneficial recreation: Reading a book, visiting an old friend, visiting a sick relative, writing a poem/short story, taking a walk & getting some fresh air.

Computer games can give us agility & dexterity of our arms & hands, but there are more than that, With the Lord’s guidance & blessings we can be a more happy & fulfilled individual.

By: Viola T.De Guzman | DEPED Bataan

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