“ I am a computer addict” that  is what  most student scream”

We all know that technology is the reason why  there are such inventions happening. Truly, it advances rapidly and contribute  lots of useful  things  like cell phone, satellites , television especially  computer. We can say that computer have lots of uses, it can be used in communication , gathering information  and many more. It is very useful  so students  often use this in a wrong way.

Online  gaming, face book, e-mail and other computer programs that captures students ‘ interest. They use computer  to fulfil themselves and to sustain their pleasures. In that case, we can say  that they are  using computer  not for education  but for addiction.  If the time comes  that when the students  feel that  they can’t live  a day without  using computer  it means  they are addicted to it.

Computer addiction leads to many failures , like failing grades, vision problems, and most of all problems. It also affect  the social skills  of the students, for example ; a student which is always  sitting   in front of  computer and just playing online games, spends lesser time with friends , to the point  listing them. If you are  addicted  on computer , you warn yourself. Be awake   and stop  using computer  in a wrong way . Instead  of using computer  as  a drug  that was  being taken  by addicts ,let’s  use computer  as our reference  and helper in our study. Maybe you  already  know  what computer  addiction may bring.

Truly, technology made a big change in our community  but we must  not  be too dependent  to it.

Let’s make computer our helpers for our education.

By: Ms. Rufa C. Carreon | Teacher I | Bonifacio Camacho National High School, Abucay, Bataan

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