Are computers helpful or disadvantageous in education? Are they convenient in the teaching and learning process? Or are these machines unsuited in the field of teaching? These are some of the relevant questions educators ask about the effect of the integration of the use of computers in the field education.

In the emergence of advance technology, computers have modified the way people work. They advance and find application in any field like medicine, commerce and other industries. In any profession, the indispensable role of computers has been recognized in recent years. This is the reason why the current education system has integrated the use of computers in all its processes, be it in teaching or in making paperwork.

Today, the teaching –learning process incorporates the use of the computers. Some reason out that this is good because computers could enhance the learning of students.  It promotes class with interactive learning in which students actively participate in the different activities provided by the teacher. This also helps teachers improve their work through using computers as instructional materials to make the presentation of the lesson more effective. Moreover, the use of computers prepares the students in the real world of work. Teaching them how to use the machine gives them the knowledge of some computer programs which are also used in the actual work scenario. 

According to Erin Schreiner, while computers can be a valuable device, there are some disadvantages in making use of them into a classroom. Although these machines are useful, with the assistance they provide come potential problems that lead to decrease teaching effectiveness.  First, the fundamental skills of students decline. Instead of applying what they learned, they would rather depend much on the features of these machines like automatic spelling and grammar correction tools in word processing software or the spread sheet for automatic mathematical calculations. In addition, the students get lazy in dealing with the completion of their requirements. They will just copy from the internet and paste information into their reports.

The use of computers can be of great help to all but can also be a cause of a great problem. With proper orientation and good guidance, surely the use of this technological device will be beneficial. On the other hand, too much dependence on it and losing control on its use will result to huge dilemma.


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