Are you a consumer of energy resources? How do you feel when there are brownouts? You can’t use electrical appliances like T.V., electric fan, air-conditioner, electric iron, refrigerator and washing machine. All of us depend much on electricity to accomplish our work. How can you save electricity? Home appliances when not in use should be turned off. Clean them after using to prevent them from rusting. Check electrical wirings to avoid short circuits which cause fire.
Another form of energy resources are the gas or oil products that mobilizes most of our transportation facilities. Gasoline is a by-product of oil which is non-replaceable. We should conserve and use it wisely. Conserving and developing energy resources are everyone’s commitment. Conservation on the use of energy resources should be done. It affects our lives and economy. Let us think positively, conserve energy resources for economic development.

By: Teodora M. Miranda | Teacher | Mabatang Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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