The school calendar aims to synchronize all core events and teaching learning activities to maximize the use of the required 200 teaching learning days for this school year 2012 – 2013. It includes 180 days to be used for non- negotiable teacher / pupils/ students contact time and the 5 days In Service Training break and Parent Teacher Conferences.

It is very idealistic so to speak but it is very far from reality. Yes , we have a clear plan of what days must be spent for this and that but total number of school days may not measure the quality of teaching learning process. As for me , the dedication and commitment of an educator can top the list . Regardless of the number of days or even years spent in school, if our clients will only be with people who do not really care of his learners , it will just be useless. Contact time plus dedicated teachers plus well motivated learners minus gadgets can give us better results. Contact time means full concentration and planning towards the attainment of an objective and that is to make them learn and help them reach their fullest potentials . Make every moment count . Take every chance to teach them new things. Be the catalyst of the importance of education . Influence other people . Perform your duties wholeheartedly and with sincere enthusiasm. Don’t just count the days … but make every single day count.

By: Mrs. Priscilla Flores | Teacher III | Tapulao Elementary School, Orani, Bataan

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