Mathematics is one of the learning areas that needs an efficient way of teaching because of its not use and the complexity of learning involved. It is such as interesting that it deserves to be appreciated and even loved by students, and never to be considered as a dismal subject especially by slow learners.


It is therefore a mathematics teachers duty to inject something novel into her method that will arouse interest and develop logical though processes and mathematical reasoning as the basis of computational skills.


Deficiencies observed such as lack of mastery of the basic facts, in ability to solve word problems and lack of understanding of mathematics concepts are related to the method of instruction which the teachers utilize in teaching Math.


In my own class, I observed that among my subjects that I’m teaching I really exert more in Math, but still many get low grades so I trued to apply cooperative learning and much improvement has observed.


What is this Cooperative Learning?


COOPERATIVE LEARNING STRATEGY is a classroom  learning environment were students work together in small heterogeneous group in academic tasks. Within these small groups, students are encouraged to share ideas and help each other learn. They share discoveries justify their thinking and criticize each other ideas.


Proponents on cooperative learning strategy suggest overwhelmingly than when students work together in small groups, their learning improves, their problem solving skills are enhanced, social relationships improve and they have a more positive attitude toward school.


Teachers have the opportunity of facilitating learning among the students through working with them in groups that will eventually save them from being verbose. Desirable effects of group learning can be achieved more readily on small discussion. Groups of about five to ten members.


Group rewards such as recognition (Certificates), grades, praises of tangible rewards are given to a group that achieves the highest score on the class.

By: MS. VIVIAN S. PIZARRO | Orion Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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