Education is indispensible. We live in this modern time where everything seems to change rapidly, it pays to be educated. It is the key factor in order to survive in the present situation, where competition is very close.In fact, one of the main objectives of Philippine Education is global competitiveness. It is our desire to produce Filipino pupils who can compete globally. One of the many characters is the SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR, because she/he plays very important role in the educational; system. Section 17, paragraph 2 of the Education Act of the Philippines state that the admintration shall be accountable for the efficient and effective admintration and management of the school. It is therefore, the role of the administration to effectively and efficiently manage the school. School Management is not a joke. Being a good manager is to be able to apply and integrate the knowledge analytical approaches developed by numerous disciplines. To possess these characteristics, a manager has to do numerous functions. One of these is CREATIVE MANAGEMENT. Creative Management is the process by which creativity techniques are made, it also involves decision-making. Creative management skills of managers especially in our educational system is one of the the most important aspects which a manager has to posses. Decision making is important is the creative  management. As administrator has to decide on what strategies he is going to use stimulate the people along with him in the work place attain maximum fulfillment in every individual. No approach in decision-making can guarantee that the school head will always make a right decision but he who uses a rational intelligent and systematic approach is more likely than the others to come up with a high quality solution to the problem he faces.

By: Diana B. Caberto | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School Limay,Bataan

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