Creativity consists of a person’s ability to bring ideas into existence and transform these new ideas  into something new and different.
It is true that it takes a lot of creativeness to be able to teach well within limited resources. When you are working for visual aids and you have found out that you do not have the equipments and materials, instead of delaying your work you look for alternatives. In this situation teachers become creative.
Teacher as a facilitator of learning must explore, discover and experience new dimensions, alternatives and better approaches, styles and strategies to sharpen their skills as an instigator of the creative processes.

Here are some learning tips for teachers to become creative:

1.     Watch your questions
It can be frightening or exciting, stimulating or expanding. It all depends on how they are asked.
2.     Brush up on Brainstorming
Some suggestions for effective brainstorming:
a.    Accept everything.
b.    Welcome the strange ideas.
c.    Don’t  stop too soon.
d.    All must participate even the teacher.
e.    Build  and combine with “old”  ideas.
3.    Give your classroom :
a.     Climate check
The classroom environment is the soil for cultivation of creativity.
b.    Good questioning techniques
Use open-ended questions rather than “ right answer questions”.

As teacher and facilitator of learning through creativity we can stimulate our pupils to bring out their potentials to become an effective learner.

Source  Modern Teacher

By: Teresita R. Ordiales, Principal I, Sto. Domingo Elementary School

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