Students’ behaviour inside the classroom is relevant to learning.  You can imagine a classroom with few students wearing their inappropriate behaviour. And that is one problem the teachers deal every day. But there are some techniques or methodology to be used to deal with their inappropriate behaviour.
It is important to monitor students carefully and frequently so that misbehaviour is detected early before it involves many students or becomes a serious disruption.
It is also necessary to move close to the offending student or students, making eye contact and giving a nonverbal signal to stop the offensive behaviour. It indicates that you do not allow such behaviour in your class. The teacher should also call the student’s name or giving a short verbal instruction to stop behaviour. Another effective way is to redirect the student to appropriate behaviour by stating what the student should be doing; make them recite or read a statement written on the board or visual aid.
Teachers should practice to be effective classroom managers.  They should learn skills that minimize misbehaviour. Come prepared in their classrooms. Give proper motivations and activities. These lessen inappropriate behaviours.
It is in a teachers hand to deal with students behaviour but sadly some teachers are insensitive to it. Effective teachers deal with it. Ineffective didn’t so the question is, deal or no deal?

By: Salvacion F. Dagdag | Teacher III | Mariveles National High School | Mariveles, Bataan

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