Behavior is one of the most common problems that encountered by many teachers. Being a teacher you must be able to come across students individual differences.
Secondary schools aren’t always easy for all students and also for the teachers. It is also a challenge for parents to have a daughter and son enrolled in secondary school.  Students have all the advice from their parents and teachers to help them deal with the social, peer and bullying at the school but problem arises.
In any classroom situation you will observe those unwanted behavior of every students, example of this are easily angered, irritated, refuses to obey rules, low self –esteem and many others. But how can we survive as a teacher to make our daily lesson successful. There are so many ways on how to deal with behavioral problems of students.
One way, is the teacher must be able to respect the students, for us to respect by our students. Respect is a two way street.
Another, is we must build a relationship with our students. Helping our students start building a positive rapport with them. Students always seek attention because many of them experience different problem.
Be careful with our words. Students are listening and our words are more important to them. And above all be the same person everyday, be consistent in everything you said and done.
To be able to attain our goal, help our students to learn with love and to discover new things with care.  Those tips can help you a lot to make your craft more meaningful, fruitful and enjoyable.  All is well.

By: Hanny B. Castro | Teacher III | BONIFACIO CAMACHO NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL | Abucay, Bataan

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