Reading is the ability to recognize and comprehend printed or written text. It is next to be developed after the skills of listening and speaking.
Reading must be taught as a means of communication and not as a particular learning area. Children read materials such as books, poems, letters, newspapers and the likes because they aim to read. This only means that every reading experience of every child must be worthwhile and its aim must be clear to him.
Good reading habits must be developed during the very first time a child will experience to read. The proper eye movement on printed text will be enhanced if reading is taught for idea and not just for words only. The environment really do take a big part on developing good reading habits. So it is important for a teacher to make her classroom a conducive one. Aside from removing everything which will hinder the success of reading, the teacher must set up books and other reading materials appropriate to her pupils’ level of understanding. These reading materials must be accessible for her pupils to read. She will set rules during reading period. All of these must be prepared to fulfill our aim to make reading an enjoyable moment for the pupils.
Let us all help our pupils to engage in reading. Through reading, they will surely learn a lot.

By: Mary Ann N. Sacdalan | Teacher I | Abucay North Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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