Reading comprehension skills separates the “passive” unskilled reader from “active” readers. Skilled readers don’t just read, they interact with the text.

This lesson will demonstrate how to enable  readers to interact with text and develop into skilled readers.  It features one of Shel Silverstein’s many great stories (1964), The Giving Tree. The task provided in this lesson include comprehension skills in which students will be asked to make predictions and then do follow up activities for during and after reading. Vocabulary will be taught through an activity in which students will find synonyms for each word in a given list.

Students will also be asked to sequence events and describe characters, plot, setting, and problem/solution of a passage. Students will also create their own lives. In order to instill a love for reading and children’s literature for students. The giving tree will be read for pleasure first beginning all of the activities in this lesson. As the story is being read aloud, a felt Giving Tree will also be used. As each part of the tree is being taken away by the boy, the teacher will stop the story and take off the apples, the branches, the trunk, leaving only the stump. Students will be given the  chance to make comments, look at the illustrations, ask questions, and just enjoy this touching story this lesson integrates reading, writing, science, social studies and practical living.

By: Gemma Baluyot Canare | Duale Elementary School Limay District Teacher I |

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