Image    Various educators and well-known scholars in the field of education have always advocated leadership roles among students.
    To sum up, they said one way to develop the potential of future student leaders is to treat the class as an organization where tasks and responsibilities are divided among the members. With this division, the teacher should focus on the strength rather than the weakness of the learner.
    In doing so, teacher should identify the steps in developing potential among students. Teacher should not act as model to look up and a mentor to guide the subordinates, they should provide activities that will motivate the student’s inner skill and monitor these skills. The real task lies in bringing out the innate leadership qualities among the youth and producing great student leaders with the right values and socio-political orientation.
    It should also be made clear that the teacher-adviser should not treat students as mere followers of their personal concerns. The key to bringing out of the leaders among our youth is to guide them and see to it that they hold on to the school rules and regulations while they perform their task as catalyst of change.

By: Bernadette M Medina, Bernadette M Medina

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