It was found out that there are reasons why students quit schooling and some of them are :
1. School –The physical aspect of the school contributes much to its holding power, an old dilapidated school building which walls and ceilings are falling every time they had classes.
2. Change of Residence – Parents often crave for greener pasture. If a change comes to improve their socio economic status, they transfer to another place and most children quit.
3. Poverty – Indigent students cannot buy materials needed in school, food, projects and sometimes for additional expenses eventually children quits school.
4. Attitude of Parents – Parents who are illiterates usually do not have interest in the education of their children . Some of parents want their children  to help with the household chores.
5. Illness – The poor physical health of students is most important in checking drop outs .School and home must have equal share of responsibilities in the problem of drop outs among our school children. They make a joint effort to solve the problem.
6. Distance from School – Before the parents attempt to enroll their children. First thing they consider is the distance of the school from their home. The children find the long hike  tiring if the school is too far.

By: Gerald B. Tayo | Teacher | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Ibayo, Abucay, Bataan

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