Teaching is a noble profession, and to be  a great teacher here are the simple but effective ways to be a great teacher.

First, a great teacher will always be there.  Regular attendance is a must.  The teacher should always be present. Be proud to have a perfect attendance record

Second, a great teacher is accessible. Teacher is the best tutor your students can get. Teach them with at least 100% mastery . 

Third, Great teacher know their students on a personal basis.  Talk to them like a friend. Talk to them during lessons.  The more you know , the more you can adapt, it is easy to converse during class time. During spare time try to communicate them as a friend, or as an elder sister

Fourth, a great teacher knows many parents. One important way to establish a good rapport among parents try to have a harmonious relationship with them. Conduct a meeting with parents to know their kids achievement and behavior. And last try to conduct a home visit at least once a year.

Fifth, a great teacher knows what they are teaching.  First the teacher should set objectives that are within the experience and capabilities of the learners. The teacher should have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.

Sixth, A great teacher is always fair. Teacher should have no favoritism. Teacher should grade pupil son a balance  scale. Teacher should show fairness and consideration to all learners regardless of socio- economic background.

And last but not the least, a great teacher never lose their cool. Things in the classroom will happen, this goes hand in hand with being professional. Try to be patient and be cool always.

By: MS. SHIRLEY M. CUEVAS | Master Teacher I- Luz Elem. School

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