From Monday to Friday, teachers meet diverse learners- some struggling, some advanced, and all with different life experiences, personal interests and learning preferences. Differentiated instruction should be given by teachers to meet the needs of individual learners. Teachers should provide all students with the appropriate level of challenge and the appropriate supports to help them reach learning goals.

What is Differentiated Instruction? Its main concern is to understand how students learn. Its instruction begins with an assessment of what students already know, and builds new concepts on their existing knowledge. That is the reason why teachers give pre-test to their students. 

Teachers should consider eliminate the “one-size-fits-all” strategy, he should open multiple paths to help the students reach the goals. Build on what students know. Teachers should recognize that students build new understanding onto what they already know. Teachers should take time to assess students’ starting points, and then provide them with a choice of ways and activities to understand the concept. If teachers will engage in multiple learning styles, he will recognize that students’ learning styles vary widely thus providing them with opportunities to build on their strengths. 

One helpful strategy for teachers is to utilize grouping wisely. Teachers should think about how to group students effectively for different learning activities. Avoid stable homogenous grouping, which can be disadvantage to struggling students. Support group efforts by teaching students to mediate conflicts and manage their time effectively. Help students find a way to contribute to the group’s success.

Teachers also should vary assessment strategy. Use portfolios and performance assessments that will allow all students demonstrate what they have learned.

Teachers are facilitators of learning. We should provide appropriate support and classroom management to facilitate success in a student- centered classroom. Remember that we manage our students’ success, it is in our hands.

By: Ms. Amalia Cortez | Teacher II-Dr. Victoria Roman Memorial High School

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