Teaching by its very nature is much, much more difficult and backbreaking than any other job because it deals with the nurturing of minds and desirable character traits which would make children well-rounded citizens of tomorrow and the betterment of our nation. 

Among the six grades in the elementary level, Grade I is the most difficult to teach..It is the foundation year. The grade I teachers nowadays are luckier than those of yester-years  because many children now enroll in mandatory pre-school classes before entering Grade I.    

Most parents now have accepted the importance of pre-school education instead of resorting on the enrolment of underage children in Grade I classes. Teachers have exerted efforts and time to show their extreme patience in molding the minds of grade I pupils on how to speak, write, read, answer, stand and sit properly especially on the first three months of schooling. Teaching reading and writing to beginners is the most difficult task a Grade I teacher undertakes. Teachers attain success and satisfaction when each pupil learns to the fullest. Socializing with peer is another important attitude a teacher should develop in children. Imagine the voice of a teacher is like an angel whom God sent. Most children especially in Gr. I believe that their teacher knows best, much better than their mom. Whatever their teacher says, such word means a lot for them. More works but no extra pay .Efforts are not convertible to any but the savings instill in pupils minds. 

In spite of all these hardships at the end of the year, the Grade I teacher will reap the fruit of success because he knows that all knowledge  ,information, attitudes and skills of beginners came from him. It is really very difficult yet very rewarding.


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