In the classroom the teacher feels ten feet taller when he is able to win the respect of all his students. Under such atmosphere, he could function effectively. Every word he say has far- reaching influence on them. Communicating with the students has a great influence to the total behavior of every students. They must be aware of the do’s and don’ts inside the classroom.

    Everyone has his own differences and the teacher can expect that not all of his students can understand and follow these do’s and don’ts. As a teacher, he must concentrate with the proper attitude of the students. He must set as a good example to them. Students expect their teacher as their model.  

    Once a teacher enters the classroom, he is the head of the big family. The students are his children, children whom he loves and cherishes. Children who are taught of good values by their parents. Children who love each other. Children who share everything what they have. Children who help each other. Children who respect every member of the family. Children who love and respect their parents. And children who love and respect their teachers and classmates as well. There is now one big happy family in this case.

    Discipline of the students is on the shoulder of the teachers. What the teacher gives, teacher gets. Character and attitudes of the students are molded already when they enter school. The teachers find hard time on how to remold their minds for better one. What the teacher can do is to try to understand individual’s differences. He can adjust to every situation he meets each day.

As a teacher, what discipline would you practice and expect inside the classroom. 

By: Patricia D. Fernandez, Teacher III, Bantan Elementary School

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