Discipline of children is always included in a teacher’s prayer. How can a teacher impose discipline? She needs to do that in sternness and yet in love. It is true that discipline leads every person to be a holistic individual. To make teaching and learning productive, the teacher must impose discipline from the beginning of classes. If we set the standards at the very start of the school year, this will be a great help for us teachers.

Children who are disciplined learn how to abide the rules and regulations of the classroom and school. We see them doing what is right even in and out of the room. We can clearly see the effect of disciplining them in positive approach. Apparently, there is a change in behavior. With these kind of learners, learning can be so productive thus teaching can be so effective.

The establishment of good rapport between teachers and students can be achieve. The respect is very evident in each other. Discipline should be a part of our day-to-day activity to accomplish the objectives for which the teacher and pupils are working.

By: Jane L. Ringor/Orion Elementary School/Orion, Bataan

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