As a Master Teacher, I cannot help but noticed, different working styles in the work place. But, what should we do if two or more different styles collide? Maybe you can tell yourself “ I’m comfortable doing things my own way, and it is so irritating when some fellow teachers in the group want to do our project or task differently “.
Since all of us live and work with others, the odds are good that we will be involved at work in the school, seminars, trainings, workshop with persons or other teachers whose style collide with ours. But even though it’s human to believe our style is the one that is right, we have to consider other peoples’ style too, and learn how to make adjustments when two styles clash. To avoid some tension and stress, based from my experience, here are some practical tips:
1. Learn to listen to others- even if it is uncomfortable on your part, you may hear something surprising that will make you resolve some issues better. To make sure you hear the message correctly, stop what are you doing and repeat what you have heard. Pay attention to body language as well as words.
2. Think Creatively- look for a solution somewhere between the minimum and ideal. Be certain that both of you agree with a certain point.
3. Develop a Sense of Humor- Avoid being too serious or full of tensions. Have a good attitude in dealing with a work partner. Do not be irritable for all you know they intentionally make you upset.
4. Open Communication Lines- As long as you are talking to someone, there is a chance of resolving deficiencies.

By: Myrna Barrioquinto | Master Teacher I | Mariveles National High School | Cabcaben, Bataan

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