To help modernize the public school learning environment, the education department of the country came up with another milestone in its era, the DCP – Deped Computerization Program.

The said program aims to provide public schools with appropriate technologies that would increase the teaching learning process and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Accordingly, the objectives of the DCP are providing e-classroom to elementary schools, integrating ICT in the school system and raising the ICT literacy of learners, teachers and school heads.

Among public elementary schools, Multimedia Classroom Package will be given. This includes the following: branded and brand new Personal Computer (1 unit for every recipient school), 6 pcs of 17” LCD monitor including keyboard and mouse, 2 desktop virtualization kit, 1 UPS, 1 interactive whiteboard, 1 3-in-1 inkjet printer, 1 LCD Projector and 1 set of face to face lecture and hands on training for desktop computer, interactive whiteboard and desktop virtualization using shared computing technology.

The Program Management Committee of Deped in coordination with the Regional and Division ICT Coordinators shall validate the compliance of the recommended schools.

Recipient schools shall be selected on the following basic criteria: must have stable supply of electricity preferably with telephone facilities, must have 1 computer teacher, and 1 teacher of English, Science and Math and have the capacity to mobilize support from other stakeholders from the community.

Talking about recipient schools, Limay, one of the district schools in Bataan, has three schools which complied with the criteria, these are Limay Elementary School, Bacong and Lamao Elementary School.

We should be very happy because the government is now seeing the importance of education in speedy development of our country.

By: Ma. Leonora C. Balcos | Teacher II | Gabaldon Elementary School, Limay, Bataan

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