The use of e-learning has been widely used in different organizations nowadays. E-learning is the use of technology or electronically supported gadgets that is used in teaching and learning. It serves a major part in the learning of the students in order to understand difficult and complicated subjects. Computer and gadgets is used to transfer skills and knowledge the fastest and easiest way possible. This is also the main reason why online school is very popular in our generation today. 

However, it is still very important that we take a constant look on the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning.

Advantages of e-learning:

– E-learning offers learning anywhere, anytime, anyone.

– The students have the flexibility to choose the kind of teaching materials that will meet their understanding.

– E-learning can be done anywhere as long there is a presence of internet connection.

– E-learning is dependant with the paced of learning of the students and will not require too much pressure.

– Diagrams and complicated system can be easily illustrated with the use of computers and gadgets.

Disadvantages of e-learning:

– Learner will be isolated and will miss social connections between other students.

– Slow internet connection can be a big problem and will only create irritations and frustrations with the student.

– Students who lack self-discipline and dedication to learn will be left behind.

– Hand on courses and practices will be difficult to apply in an online learning.

– Instructor may not always be present during questions.

By: Emerita P. Reyes | Pablo Roman National High School

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