Reading is cool. And the love for it definitely begins home. Everyone believes family reading should begin in infancy and extend throughout life.  “There is no grade or age limit where family reading should stop,” writes Rimm in her newsletter On Raising Kids. “Either reading together aloud or silently creates an atmosphere where children are likely to love books.” Here is what we can do to introduce your child to the wonderful world of books.

1. Expose them as to many reading materials as possible. Variety is a good thing. Try not to         limit their reading list. “Comics, cartoons, sports magazines, easy materials, and books read multiple times,” Rimm says, “are all good for reading confidence.” The more books and reading materials they read, the more likely interest will soar.

2. Show how much love reading a book. Lead by example. Children’s interest in reading heightens every time they see how enjoyable the activity is to you. If you are an irregular book reader, newspapers and magazines are helpful enough.

3. Encourage children to read stories. Story books do great wonders for the child imagination. Classic fairy tales and the growing Filipino children’s book titles available locally teach values that will prove beneficial to them in the long run. Angela Honrado׳s Princess Oyster, for examples, tells of a princess who cannot stop crying – whether she is happy or sad. When her friend, the King Oyster, gives a pearl that helps her see the future, her envious cousin attempts to take it away. Honrado’s entertaining book imparts this valuable lesson – jealousy is a no-no.

4. Visit libraries and bookstores. It is never a bore. Whether you are stopping by, browsing through, or purchasing books, a simple visit may mean your child’s heightened fascination with books.

5. Be patient and supportive. Let children read sans pressure. Love for reading does not happen instantly, anyway. As Rimm puts it, “If your children continue to read in an unpressured way, they will eventually learn to love reading.”

By: Ms. Patricia B. Mojica | Teacher II | Sto. Domingo Elementary School

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