Negative emotions are naturally experienced by persons who feel bad. Examples of such emotions are loneliness, anger, helplessness, self-pity, and disappointment. It is normal to feel bad sometimes. Different instances turn our mood down. Problems with our family, love ones, school, work, money, being left behind by our friends, and becoming the butt of jokes can make us feel bad.

Being angry is one of the effects of feeling bad. Sometimes we want to shout, to throw all the things around us, and even punch somebody. Sometimes we get challenged, so we fight, and ugly emotions come out. Many people can become lazy, and feel sick. Others just sit in the corner, cry and may even go to the extent of committing suicide.

Whenever such emotions come your way, learn to educate your emotion before doing anything. There’s always a solution to any problem. The best thing to do is to relax. Cool it. Pray and ask the Lord to lighten your feeling and clear your mind. Reading the Bible is a very effective way to erase all negative thoughts.

There are so many ways to overcome bad feelings. Go to a quiet place and meditate, listen to good music, visit new places, play basketball, read informative books. Consult a close friend or seek the advice of an older person; one that can count on can also be helpful.

If there are negative emotions, there are also positive ones that can cheer us up and prove to us that we are born with much hope. It’s nice to say that “I never become stupid when I feel bad. I can tell the difference between right and wrong.”

Learn to appreciate the beautiful things that God has given us. Nature is powerful enough to transform our dim mood into a happy one. Have a determination to move on and have a good outlook in life. Be optimistic in everything.

By: MS. IRMA G. DELA CRUZ | Teacher I | Lamao National High School Lamao, Limay, Bataan

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