It is undeniable that poverty in the Philippines is a major obstacle to the success of future generations of the Filipino. In fact, almost a third of all of the population of the Philippines lives below the poverty threshold, which is a number inconceivable to most people in America and Western Europe. ( But we can break this problem by providing quality education to every citizen of our country.

Unfortunately, the Philippines has a declining educational quality today. According to the results of the 2010-2011 Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum, Philippines ranked a poor seventh among nine Southeast Asian nations in the area of education and innovation. (

People think that excellent education that has supplied you with sufficient knowledge about the chosen field of expertise is the key to be successful in life The fact is that yes, you aren’t going to succeed if you don’t have a good education and this can be obtained through arduous studying in the school.

If we want to overcome poverty, we should move and take the right action now. The progress we are hoping should begin from ourselves. Like what Gandhi quoted, we must be the change we wish to have. Let us all be responsible in providing and in achieving quality education. Start now not tomorrow. Educate ourselves and keep our country progress.


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