The primary concern of the Filipino parents is to give proper education to their children whatever their station in life is. They will do everything to earn just to send their children to school….

 But the problem is, some parents cannot send them to school because of some reasons: The first one is financial problem. We all know that schooling is not that easy without spending money. Parents need to prepare all things that their kids need in studying aside from that the everyday allowances, baon and fare need a considerable allocation. So if the parents had no work the children will suffer, unless they stop schooling, and this will become one great problem or hindrance in building their good/better future.

By: Victor R. Lazaro, ALS Mobile Teacher

Secondly, the distance of their school from their place of residence. Some need to walk several kilometers to attend their classes. They also need to wake up so early to prepare themselves and by the time they are in the classroom, exhaustion makes them less attentive and receptive during class discussions. They can no longer participate in recitation up to the point falling asleep in the middle of the class. And for the reason they will become a laughing stock of their classmates and eventually little by little they will lose interest in finishing their studies. These are some reasons why many of our youth become OSY.

It is precisely for this reason, the BALS or the Bureau of alternative Learning Center was created. It caters to all children, adults and youths who can’t go to formal school. Through A&E (Acceleration and Equivalency), they give and offer another chance for all to continue and achieve their dreams…
 A&E has two levels 1. Is the elementary level – in this level the qualified children, adults and youths are those who are 12 years old and above who stop studying while they are in elementary years. The A&E modules through the mobile teachers or instructional manager will conduct session or review to prepare them in time of national examination. Once they passed the exam, automatically they can enroll in high school. And if they failed the exam they can take it again.

2. In secondary level, the qualifiers are just like those in elementary level they must be a high school drop-outs. The big difference is, once they passed the exam they can enroll automatically in any college or universities of their choice.

See how the government provides the good education to its citizens. So to our parents who can’t send their children to formal schools, this is the solution to your problems. And to our youths and adults who want to continue or achieve their dreams, this is your chance……grab the opportunity…..

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