Image Education has always held out hope for the future because it creates an idea or illusion that it is a means for upward mobility. Education provides the means to go up the social and economic ladder based on merit and achievement. Education is seen as a means to break the status quo.

A lot of people would say that if they invest, they will invest in the quality of education that the Philippines is offering. And it goes to show that many are exchange students that are studying in all the premiere universities of the Philippines. Well, basically a factor to consider here is that the, “quality of education of Filipino teachers are far better compared to other countries (?)”. It is for the reason that the Filipinos have love and care to their students and try to make them bloom to a beautiful flower? Or because of the property for sale here in the Philippines?

Yes, you heard right! “Property for sale here in the Philippines” goes into wide range including the quality of education, Filipinos’ intelligence and world class skills. Why is this so? It is because big investments for the investors knowing that in just ten years the foreign businessmen would be the one owning the bigger percentage of the Philippines’ business and real estate market.

Since newspaper shows that the Filipinos are globally competitive in different aspects many investors have come up with building industries that help not only Filipinos get employed but also the people who are in need of these talents and a great advantage that Filipinos will not have difficulty communicating with them. Since the Filipinos are good English speakers there will no probability of misunderstanding between the latter and you.

Is it reel or real? Education is essential to our development as a people and a nation is an accepted fact..But basically compared with other countries, we have fallen behind about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Innovation (STEI) in Philippine education through massive government funding, institutional linkages, and public policy, thereby jump-starting our arrested development.

So with these, our real challenge is improving the present state of basic education. If we enumerate all the problems of Philippine education, we will take days of delight in self-flagellation that ends nowhere. Rather than complain, do not blame history for seeming to repeat itself, we are to be blamed because we repeat history or we just let the Foreigners/Expatriates to rule our nation….?  

By: Katherine Punzalan

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