Quite a number of surveys by UNESCO estimate that more than 900 million people including children and adults are illiterate. This means that one out of ten people is neither enrolled in school nor is receiving basic education at all.

Notably, this situation is common among third-world nations which are also considered as the poorest countries in the world. There has been a connection that ties poverty with illiteracy. However, some could argue that beyond the overwhelming circumstances, the fundamental right to basic education should not be neglected.

But what is education really worth?

Education plays a significant role in the process of an individual’s mind and country regardless of his age, sex, or race. It has huge impact on the human society, as well as it serves as an instrument for gauging a person’s stand in the social order. By attaining good education, people are trained to chooser the right and decision hence, making them rational.

Moreover, education aids in the exchange of information and knowledge. Illiteracy denies a person his right to wisdom. An uneducated person is bunged to learning everything through any kind of medium available. He is excluded from all the great possibilities that only an educated person could ever earn.

It is very much evident that the magnitude of learning allows the individual to use his potentials in the most favorable manner. Without learning, we would be incomplete. The idea of education does not end when the school year is over It is a never-ending process throughout a person’s life. Its meaning may vary from one person to another. Consequently, people should find all necessary find all necessary means to learn in his own way despite the predicaments posed by the society.

By: Mrs. Eden Rubiano | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Abucay Bataan

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