Most would agree that the gifted and above average students should be involved in science. These students require the challenge, have the skills to grasp science concepts, and may consider a science career.

Students of lower academic ability are often said to need more work and practice in the “basics” and, therefore, are not always given the opportunity to become involved in the science curriculum. Research suggests, however, that this group may benefit most from an early exposure to an activity – based science program. Studies have demonstrated that such a program will help overcome other barriers, such a socioeconomic status and handicaps. These students have been found to ask a variety of thought-provoking questions, to have high curiosity levels, and to possess positive attitudes.

The obvious majority – the “average” – are given opportunities to learn science mostly from a textbook orientation and often are not expected to complete creative investigations. Research suggests that individual’s performance can be increased tremendously through conducting scientific investigations depending on the student’s motivation and aspiration to achieve.

All student, regardless of any academic standing or handicap, should be given the opportunity to study science, thus enhancing their individual development and their place on society. Everyone needs to use scientific information to make choices and to engage in discussion of important science – based public policy issues.

It is important that students have a positive attitude toward science and the facts concepts processes, and skills that are being taught. Students often want to know why it is necessary for them currently and in the future. Teachers should discuss the relevance of science to everyday living and science as a way of knowing. Discussions, debates and demonstrations may be of use to have students generate the personal use of science in day to day living. Today’s public policy issues such as populations, health care, pollution and energy, must be understood by all citizens in order for them to make the necessary decisions as individuals. An understanding of the processes of science will help people think creatively, to reason and to solve problems.

By: Mrs. Mercelita D. Diwa | Principal I | Pagalanggang National High School | Dinalupihan Bataan

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