Discipline among pupils is not an easy task. It is a vital role in the teaching-learning process. Pupils tend to understand the lesson best when they are well-disciplined as the teacher imparts the lesson. This helps the pupils to develop their totality as individuals and as future leaders of our country.

Maintaining discipline among pupils is a challenging task, most especially for those who are new in the teaching profession. Pupils whom they cannot control are not learning so, the flow of teaching a lesson is often cut by those pupils who are misbehaving. They are trying to get the attention of other pupils and teachers to themselves.

As teachers, we are not free from having pupils with disciplinary problems. Every years in and year out, we have in our classes those children who will test our ability as “real’ teachers who can handle them and not lose our temper. A teacher must exert effort to correct these pupils with problems. You may have to work at this. Develop an avenue of communication with children, so nobody will feel awkward about being in each others presence. We have learned to like people before and our pupil is a person. Use the same technique with him. Let us show appreciation of the things they do best. If we are able to develop self-confidence among our pupils. The teacher must have the ability to match the correct response to the type of misbehavior that has occurred as long as discipline and order is clear to the pupils. We will be able to finish our lesson smoothly and come-up with a better performance. The most effective means of order and discipline in the classroom is the Teacher herself.


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