Science teachers who have, through their enthusiasm, expertise and commitment beyond the call of duty, made science such a stimulating and worthwhile pursuit

Perhaps the most fundamental challenge for us as teachers of Science is to create an effective learning environment that promotes a spirit of inquiry and caters for the differences in learning abilities, interests and characteristics of our students. This means we need to know our students well. We need to know what materials and human resources are available to help us create such an environment.

Teachers have responsibility for assessing a student’s understanding both to provide constructive feedback and to plan effectively to support the student in future learning. We need to allow students to demonstrate their conceptual understandings effectively and we need to assess and report on their progress in realistic and relevant ways

Teachers need to spend time regularly reviewing their teaching style. Knowing the difference between the authoritarian, permissive, detached and authoritative teaching styles will help teachers analyze their own teaching and focus on improving.

Research shows that student collaboration in activities that are relevant to them enables their learning in positive ways. Research shows also that just as we have preferred teaching styles, students have preferred learning styles and they do not necessarily match! To help us meet student needs it is important that we have some understanding of the ways they learn.

By: Mr. Bernardino Junio Teacher III, Mariveles NHS-Poblacion

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